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A desire to express his own thoughts that starts when he is a child and grows till it needs to be revealed, but with a hint of mystery. This is the story of Silozz.

Silvio Zuccarello was born in Catania in 1976 and since his childhood he develops an artistic creativity that manifests itself only in 2012 when his thoughts, too intense, need to be transformed into abstract but tangible shapes, in colours and forms that he only knows and that he proposes to others to investigate in their own emotions.

Many years spent to study the most essential theory and to analyse concrete concepts lead Silvio to the desire of detaching himself from this wrong reality to be carried by his own desires and feelings. From the very beginning, this river of thoughts sweeps away everything in its search of communication.

Silvio Zucarello took part in several exhibitions in Milan and Rome and he was shortlisted in a couple of painting competitions.

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